Working Papers

Legal Status and Local Spending: The Distributional Consequences of the 1986 IRCA (w/ Christoph Winter) (Link)

Covered by The Lowy Institute

Legal Status and Political Representation: The 1986 IRCA and Hispanic Public Officials

Turning Out for Redistribution: The Effect of Voter Turnout on Top Marginal Tax Rates (Link)

Work in Progress

Identity Politics: Hispanic Mayors and Local Public Resource Distribution (w/ Matthias Bühler)

Terrorism and the Economics of Anti-Migrant Sentiment (w/ Guido Friebel)

Voter ID Laws and Turnout: Evidence from Texas (w/ Onur Eryilmaz)

Fake News: Do People Discount the Reliability of Inconvenient Information? (w/ Michael Kosfeld and Ferdinand von Siemens)