• Turning Out for Redistribution: The Effect of Voter Turnout on Top Marginal Tax Rates (Link) (Public Choice, 2023)

Working Papers

  • Identifying Partisan Gerrymandering and its Consequences: Evidence from Immigrant Legalization and the 1990 US Redistricting Cycle (w/ Noam Yuchtman)

  • The Long-Run Effects of War: The 30 Years' War and Violent Crime in the Late 19th Century (w/ Matthias Heinz, Guido Friebel and Stefan Pasch) (R & R at JEBO)

  • Terrorism and Voting: The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Germany (Link) (w/ Marius Liebald and Guido Friebel)

  • Legal Status, Local Spending and Political Empowerment: The Distributional Consequences of the 1986 IRCA (w/ Christoph Winter) (Link) Covered by The Lowy Institute

Work in Progress

  • Immigrant Legalization and the Quality and Quantity of Hispanic Schooling

  • Identity Politics: Hispanic Mayors and Local Public Resource Distribution (w/ Mathias Bühler)

  • Persistence in Attitudes Toward Female Suffrage (w/ Marius Liebald)